Gwydyon Brenhin Cadeu
(Gwydyon King of Battles)

I Who spake at Cyngor Penardd,
Felled the host at Maenawr Benardd;
And drenched Coed Alun in the flood
Of Dyfed's tears - of Dyfed's blood!

 I at Nant Call held the power
To slaughter swift a warband's flower;
And at Felenrhyd's bloody ford
Pryderi's life embraced My sword!

 There I exulted in the clash
Of weapons as, like burning lash,
My mighty blows poured streams of red -
And sunset stained the river-bed!

 In twilight of My foeman's might,
Mine eyes and inner-soul, alight
With powers the Elder Tribes command,
Shot forth enchantment's fateful brand!

There stood my foe in hapless plight,
As life-blood, breath and soul took flight.
With searing flash and waters' roar,
Pryderi's spirit forth did soar
To savour brief Death's bitter kiss

Then plummet through the black abyss!

(from Alban Eilir - The Vernal Equinox
and a Defod Dial - Rite of Retribution)

Copyright Gareth Pengwerin 1967