International Maxims
“The jack-of-all-trades seldom is good at any.  Concentrate all of your efforts on one definite chief aim.”

"Jack of all trades, master of none”  English

"El que mucho abarca poco aprieta" ("He who embraces too much, has a weak grasp").  Argentinian

"Maestro Liendre, que todo sabe y de nada entiende" ("Knows about everything but understands nothing").  Spanish

"A todo le tiras, y a nada le pegas" ("You aim for everything, but you hit nothing"). Mexican

"Esperto di tutto, maestro in niente" ("Expert of everything, master of none").  Italian

"Devyni amatai, dešimtas – badas" ("When you have nine trades, then your tenth one is famine/starvation") Lithuanian

"Siedem fachów, ósma bieda" ("Seven trades, the eighth one - poverty").  Polish

"Polutexnithj kai erhmospithj"  ("He who knows a lot of crafts lives in an empty house") Greek               [Save Greek font SPIonic here.]

"Marunong sa lahat, magaling sa wala" ("Knows everything, masters none").  Tagalog

"Mot nghe cho chín, còn hon chín nghe" ("Being master in one job is better than being average in nine jobs").  Vietnamese

"Aki sokat markol, keveset fog" ("He who grasps much, retains but little") Hungarian

"Kiu casas du leporojn, kaptas neniun" ("Who chases two jackrabbits catches none")  Esperanto

"Üheksa ametit, kümnes nälg" ("Nine trades, the tenth one - hunger"). Estonian
"Katica za sve" ("Kate for everything"). Croatian
"Devatero remesel, desátá bída" ("Nine crafts, tenth comes misery"). Czech
"Jokapaikanhöylä" ("Plane for all purposes"). Finnish
"Qui trop embrasse, mal étreint" ("He who embraces too much, has a weak grasp"), French
"Hansdampf in allen Gassen" ("Jack Steam in all alleys"), German
"Aki sokat markol, keveset fog" ("He who grasps much, retains but little").  Hungarian
"Þúsundþjalasmiður" ("A craftsman of a thousand rasps").  Icelandic
"Bun la toate si la nimic" ("Good at everything and at nothing"). Romanian
" Her isi bilen hiçbir sey yapamaz" ("One who knows everything cannot do anything"). Turkish