Ynys y Kedyrn

Thus our mainland isle

Was justly named

By such as held it high

In honour and esteem -

Aye, supreme

In deepest veneration.

The Island of the Mighty!

Known it was to ancient

British Kelt whose might was

Celebrated well amid his kin

And in the bordering

Tribes of Northern Race

Yclept by Rome

The ‘Painted Horde’

Who neither knew defeat

By proud centurion

Nor yet by Viking raiders

To their seaboards twain.

Thus two bold lines

Kept well this land

In fast cohesion

When departed had

The Roman triremes

With many an Eagle gold.

Yet brief was

Concord sweet,

Composure deep

And reality congenial.


O’er twenty miles

The high fast-shifting wrack

And violent surges hurled

The sturdy timber craft

Of marauding Angle

And of Saxon raider

Upon the Southern beach.

And from these constant forays

Came an ethnic purge

‘til Britons corrallèd were

Ahent th’impressive Dyke

Of Offa Rex of Mercia.

How fared the warriors

Of Northern Lands

Who firmly claimed

They coldly dwelt

  So close to world’s dim edge?

By treachery of Alpin’s son, +

The murd’rous Gael from

Hibernia’s isle, who slew

 King Drust* and all

 His Pictish nobles

          ‘neath a flag of peace,          

This butcher launched

         An unreservèd genocide          

To clear the North for

Settlement of Irish Scot.

So Northern Lands

Were cruelly ta'en,

Becoming Scotia,

Thereafter Scotland;

While Southern Lands

Likewise were filched

And boldly namèd

Ængla land

Henceforth England.

Alas both ethnic Races

Dispossessèd were and

Robbed in perpetuity

Of rightful heritage.

So Ynys y Kedyrn

Justly became

    Ynys Y Lladron,**

As later grew its vast terrain


And all the while

These acts of plunder

Ever bore the lie

That all was done

In name of those

Cruelly sequestered

  in the West -

     A falsely British Empire!***


Ynys y Kedyrn = Island of The Mighty
+ Kenneth McAlpin
 * son of Feradach

             **Island of the Thieves
  *** In reality, an Anglo-Saxon Empire


copyright © Mel Young   
aka Gareth Pengwerin 2015
All rights reserved