Psychic Attack

 the motivation, symptomatology, 
investigative approaches and possible treatments

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Why is psychic attack performed?


1. the power-seeking of 'control freaks' who obtain a 'high' through their manipulation of others.  In some cases, this type of person uses power to assist his success in life, which is quite understandable, but his own meagre success is never truly satisfying - others must be seen to fail!

2. obsessive desire/compulsion to possess that which normally one could not hope to have and hold by one's personal attributes.  E.g. the middle-aged, balding, overweight man who is consumed with lust for a local nineteen year old shop assistant.

3. jealousy of the good fortune or the justly earned rewards through hard work, application, diligence of another person. 

4. hatred - unjustified e.g. when a person is sacked from a position because of his/her own faults or when a person  is forced to desert his/her partner because of ill treatment - physical or mental.  Oh yes, and those who deeply resent others' refusal to give them undeserved assistance, information, material items, money or anything of particular value.  This hatred projected to the other person can take the form of spitefulness, malice, vindictiveness - call it what you will.

5. Resentment of another who provides assistance and quality time when the recipient is in trouble.  The assistance may be ongoing when the recipient appears to be an ill-starred fellow who cannot overcome the pitfalls of life. The assistance may be emotional support, guidance, financial, gifts of essentials or from the recipient's wish-list etc.. 
6. Addiction to and gratification from varying degrees of violence (from simple bullying to murder) and the power that it imparts.

When one tries to deny the existence of psychic criminals and their actions, it is advisable to ask the person if they can break a plank of wood with the edge of their hand or shatter a brick with the closed fist.  When they say they cannot, ask why not as you have seen such feats performed in a Japanese martial arts dojo and on film many many times. 

No doubt they will retort that the students involved have been trained rigorously to achieve these skills.  You now can counter with the argument that if the human body may be trained to execute feats that the average person can not, surely the human mind may be trained similarly to achieve abilities that cannot be equalled by the common man.

(Dion Fortune, in "Applied Magic" chapter 8, informs us that "there are certain types of people with a streak of cruelty in their natures who take quite readily to the manipulation of evil for the purpose of vengeance.   Having experienced the results of their work, they develop a lust for it for its own sake and, therefore, become addicts of such cruelty on account of the thrill it provides".)


A powerful cursing ritual by experienced occultist(s).  A vortex of force is sent out using invoked power e.g. the negative aspect of an element or the Qlippoth of the Otz Chiim,   The negative force is then bound to a form to create elementaries, elementals or talismans etc.. 
The effects achieved can be such things as headaches, hiatus in concentration, depression, apprehension, panic attacks, terrifying visions, nightmares, fires, forced accidents, illnesses of varying severity (physical or mental), whatever appears to be gross/constant ill fortune, death. 

From time to time a peculiar odour can appear in the locus inhabited by the victim and may range from that of rotting vegetation to bad drains.  At times it can disappear as quickly as it came. 

Bruises may appear on the body or feelings of sharp pains at parts of the body for no particular reason.  Sudden unexplained sounds e.g. bells, clicks or cracks.  The writer once experienced the sound of a violent crack as if a powerful electrical device had blown a fuse. 

A similar situation occurred but this time of a visual manifestation, when a transparent bat-like form floated just below the ceiling and was seen by a number of people.  Other physical manifestations such as slime from slugs in the bathroom may occur.   Watch too for what is known as the 'spin-off factor' where a close friend or relative can be affected by the negative vortex.

What is relatively common in all degrees of psychic attack is the inability to retain levels of friendship.  This may be with aquaitances, friends and even members of the family.  The victim tends to remain to some extent in isolation.  We have noted, when a number of connected victims have been plagued by a psychic criminal, all have remained pigeon-holed and kept apart.  Whether this syndrome is a deliberate ploy by the malefactor to avoid suspicion or a secondary feature of the attack, especially where an elementary with rudimentary self-preservation is employed, is unknown.  


Work by an uninitiated amateur using spells & simple equipment such as candles, incenses, powders, oils etc..  This results in bad luck, failure in many of the things attempted, vague fear, depression, paranoid states, loss of confidence, proneness to accidents. 

If performed by a group of amateurs the symptoms could be similar to those above.

Most people do not realise the number of attempts of this nature made because of obsession, jealousy or hatred which appear to be proliferating thanks to the low priced books on spell casting. 

Unfortunately these are constantly advertised in the various horoscope, fate and fringe occult magazines on sale in just about every well-known stationer and newsagent across Britain.  The wording of the advertisements for these books is such that will attract those hell-bent on the manipulation of another's mind, will and very life, 

  • 1. change another person's behaviour;
  • 2. bring back a person who has gone out of your life;
  • 3. make someone desire you;
  • 4. influence a judge or magistrate. 


A projection of negative force through a strong emotion such as hatred or jealousy. This is very often unconscious, but can be a deliberate act.  The projected thought, especially if accompanied by a willful look, i.e. glare of hatred, imprints the ill that is wished upon the aura which is a filter for all energy approaching one's body.

It has more to do with the thoughts of the ill-wisher than with the actual look of their eyes.  ('Malocchio' is the Italian for this where the practice is accepted and 'fatura' - the act of enchantment.) It may be constant ill-wishing by person(s) who have a strong dislike of the victim for whatever reason.   Results similar to 2 above.



The answer of one's own spirit to a destiny taken upon oneself which is at variance with one's karmic need. Going against one's own true will - following a path in life that is not right for one.  This again results in some measure of on-going ill fortune in social, family, professional affairs and in a well below-par health scenario.


Where does one find effective evil in our society - within a splendidly secluded villa where lurks a Satanist with sinister appearance and overwhelming aura of aggressive wickedness? 

Or should one seek beyond the bounds of contemporary city life to find a small but dedicated group of wild-eyed practitioners evoking ancient powers within an unwelcoming forest? 

Perhaps your concept of ultimate evil is the drug-crazed lout who murders the eighty-three year old pensioner in her bed to obtain the few meagre pounds in her purse.

"Thankfully", you reassure yourself, "I know none of the former and am of a robust age and physique which secures my peace of mind regarding the latter."

As one who has crossed the path of devotees of evil and have been instrumental in extricating the victims, I share this study with the average person who may be at extreme risk and perhaps already suffering the symptoms of a blighted life but totally oblivious to the origins of their afflictions. 

A wise sensitive said to me on one occasion: "You must realise The Devil never comes as a raging lion".  Oh! How very very true.

What one may find is the co-worker, neighbour, acquaintance, friend or even relative who is friendly and sympathetic and who appears constantly over concerned and ultra compassionate.   Such people in themselves are not to be made immediate suspects but should any seem to have even a fringe interest in anything occult, then that person could be added to a list of possible suspects - especially if their concern seems to cause them always to initiate the conversation re your downturn in fortune/health etc.  It may be worth giving a little thought to the relationship:-

  • 1. could that person bear any grudges;
  • 2. could that person have any dislike for reasons real or imagined;
  • 3. could that person bear any real strong malice toward you
  •     because of your personality, manner, bearing;
  • 4. could that person be envious of any factors in your life, work;
  • 5.  envious of relationships, special skills/attributes or even
  •      appearance;
  • 6. could that person bear feelings of resentment due to your lack of
  •     reciprocity of a sexual nature?
Be aware that any 'appeared' caring could be what is termed in modern computer parlance 'phishing' - an endeavour to amass information but of a nature which shows that their ill-wishing is effective.  This is when to remember - there is power in silence, i.e. tell them nothing or even the opposite to what you are experiencing, thereby sapping confidence in their own ability.


Yet another warning is necessary and which appertains to another seemingly innocuous sect – Spiritism.  I make no apology here for the use if this descriptor rather than that of Spiritualism for a Spiritualist’s aim would be to give their life over to spiritual matters of the highest order whereas a Spiritist is one who has association with the so-called spirits of the departed.

How can one be assured that the contact is indeed a departed spirit?  The spirit/soul of a departed and treasured relative or friend may be preoccupied with analysing their past incarnation – what has been achieved in spiritual growth, what has yet to be learned and what situations resulted in the choice of inappropriate actions. Such an individual would regard requested contact from one on the physical stratum to be an unjustifiable intrusion.

On the other hand, if one contributes to the theory of reincarnation, the departed soul, having been deceased for a very lengthy time,  may just have gone to the second death and the spirit to another earthly incarnation.  Whichever of these scenarios be valid, there remains a number of contact situations which cannot be of an authentic nature.  Then one must ask, “With whom or with what have you communicated?”.

In occult teachings there are such things as spirits of a lower order that inhabit various sub-strata of ethereal existence.  No doubt some may be pathetic entities while others are of a mischievous character similar to Puck in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.  There are, however, what is known as the Kingdom of Shells in Rabbinical philosophy – various negative or reverse faces of each Sephira of the Otz Chiim or Tree of Life and which are regarded as the ‘sinks of iniquity’, domains of the vilest and most evil entities in discarnate existence.  It is conjectured that various individual specimens of discarnate life may temporarily take possession of an astral corpse, i.e. the decaying relic of the etheric body/soul of a previous incarnation for malicious purposes.

Again I must challenge the Spiritist, “With whom or with what have you communicated?”. 

If in regular contact with entities of a dubious nature one must consider the ill-effect and chronic consequences to the querent, especially if trance-states are operated.  Indeed the end result may be quite pathological both obsessively and clinically with disastrous consequences on the physical health and mental & spiritual well-being of the seeker, the contamination entering through the vital body.

I quote from the preface written by William Emmette Coleman to the book 'Practical Occultism' by J.J. Morse, Psychic Book Club, London, 1956:-

"The educational and reformatory movement called Modern Spiritualism, has, in its inherent many-sidedness, developed variant phases of expression and action.  Coming in contact with individuals of almost every conceivable character, it has been variously interpreted and directed; and candour compels the assertion, that not at all times has the interpretation and direction given it been of the wisest and best.  In some instances its facts and truths - fraught with such momentous consequence to humanity for good or ill, according to the manner of their use by those to whom they come - have been perverted to unwise or harmful ends and uses, sometimes in ignorance, and at other times through misapplication for selfish or evil purposes."  I reiterate my statement in motivation number 6 above - gratification from varying degrees of addictive psychic violence/bullying and the power that it imparts.

There have been many persons of sterling character such as a late renowned deep-trance medium whom we knew - a lady who worked with us on occasion and tirelessly with her group to help those who had been victims of psychic terrorism and who on occasions attempted to save a perpetrator from his/her malignant path.

On the other hand, we have noted one who desperately endeavours to attain an international reputation but who publishes books which are largely plagiarisms, scissors-and-paste pieces of work taken from others' publications and plunders portions of acquaintances’ time-lines in an attempt to authenticate bogus records of psychic feats and activities prior to the commencement of her work of channelling.   No doubt this character might attempt to plunder portions of this page or its sequelae to make her work appear interesting and erudite. 

Alas, when reviewing the tragic histories that have plagued those who have crossed her path and on examining the dates of meeting the suspect, her modus operandi and the complete breaches of coincidence, it is obvious the woman is a ‘black’ sorceress, paranormal malefactor, psychic terrorist, call her what you will. 

Madame Blavatsky had a term for such malicious horrors of humanity - dugpas,  meaning black magicians, although there has been much argument regarding her use of the word.  

Those who know of this character and have watched perhaps a public demonstration of her psychism usually accept her well- rehearsed public image, saying, “Isn’t she so pure – isn’t she exceptionally serene”. As I commented previously on the caveat of a late sound, gifted sensitive, I shall  repeat his sensible observation –  “You must realise The Devil never comes as a raging lion.”

Direct Overt Attack

This type of psychic attack is what I call a "drip-feed" assault upon the victim's mind directly in daily or other regular times of contact.  This is a form of bullying and is designed to destabilise or demoralise the chosen victim. For example this may be the custom of a teacher who constantly brow-beats a child with "How ignorant you are!",  "You are incapable of doing anything properly!", "Get that stupid look off your face!" etc.  This is usually delivered to a child for whom the teacher has taken a strong dislike and who takes pleasure in afflicting damage to the young mind. 

Similar assault my be done to adolescents and even adults by family members, neighbours, family friends, co-workers, managers, indeed anyone who is in a position of authority or adopts an attitude of superiority over the victim and has regular access to him/her. One should report such attacks to those in superior authority to the attacker, a parent or spouse. 

Ideally the victims should be encouraged to stand up for oneself and demonstrate to the attacker that he/she is not the docile character that they suspect and that there will be no further toleration of the conduct.  Let them know that you understand their motivation and perverse pleasure they obtain by being a cowardly bully.


Ideally this should be placed entirely with someone who is sympathetic to the subject of psychic attack and who is experienced in at least one field of occultism and who has extensive expertise in the clinical fields of metaphysics, hypnotherapy & hypnoanalysis.  This prevents the person so afflicted from 'jumping at shadows' or taking a lonely introspective path that leads to a paranoid state of mind.

What the afflicted person is to consider first the mundane reasons for the negativity in their life.   

A. If in the form of disease, then the person should place the symptoms before his/her family doctor who will then follow the usual course of referral for blood tests, x-rays, ultra sounds, scans and other non-invasive assessments.  After these investigations have been completed, they should follow the instructions regarding treatment given by a consultant. 

B. If in relation to a downturn in professional acumen and performance, the person should first analyse their own aims, objectives, attitudes, peer relationships, need for further study/qualifications/expertise, change in diurnal environment or field of function.

C. Regarding disruption in personal relationships, the afflicted person should question the possible personal reasons for these, assess the effects of third party personalities, clashes in interpersonal beliefs, philosophies, calendar of eruptions, duration of these and the emotional tensions in the aftermath.

Once these basic investigations and treatment are over and no reason can be found for the symptoms & signs OR if the treatment of the condition does not result in the usual favourable outcome that is indeed expected, then and only.then should one have a psychic consultant review the case.

Similarly if no reasons are found for professional problems, despite perhaps consultation with a personnel professional, or a neutral outcome of a personal analysis or that of a devout friend, consultation with a psychic, hypnotherapist or  consultant metaphysician would be advisable.

Needless to say, there may even exist a combination of problems in two or three of these areas in life function.. 

The consultant will ask:- 

1. when the trouble started and and the mundane details. 

2. if the client has contact with anyone connected with or has a fringe interest in occultism, psychism or mediumistic

3. If the answer is 'yes', they will ascertain if any acquaintances, friends or relatives have similar problems.  Here is where
    a simple diagnostic  tool may be employed - a circle with as many divisions as are necessary
inserted into a Word page
    and enlarged.  e.g.:-

     All those  affected have their brief details inserted, one person to a division. This is where a modus operandi can appear
    that may expos the malefactor's contact and  methodology.  (S)he will be seen to occupy the hub of the wheel and the
    only one of the circle of contacts completely unaffected and possibly the only one with known psychic/magical ability.

4. A time-line will appear from the above showing when each contact with the suspect became 'affected'. 

5. Next will be questions which will relate to possible motivation. (vide above classification of motivation.)
6. Then an analysis of further outbreaks or exacerbations of the trouble, noting the client's sun sign, seasons, seasonal
    festivals, months, days, dates and
phases of the moon at these times of psychic invasion. 

7. These facts should also be required if any other contacts of the client be afflicted.  Here one may see indications of what is known as the 'spin-off syndrome' which can affect a 'secondary target'.

8. Lastly it should be noted if the suspect has anything belonging to the  client. 

    A complete file on the case is thus obtained prior to contemplating possible treatment. 



The investigator will have his/her own methodology, aims, general objectives and specific objectives to reach a conclusion and identify the malefactor.  One caveat:- those with the requisite ability and altruistic motivation to assist in such matters charge.nothing for their labours which is why we class ourselves as Consultant Metaphysicians (pro bono).  If, however, one must travel to the client, small contributions for petrol or for public transport fares may be asked if the distance is extreme.  Ergo, eschew those who require a medium to large fee for the operation.

It is important at this point to be absolutely honest in all your answers to the investigator.   Following the investigative procedure, the investigator will decide upon the mode of treatment of the problem.  Each practitioner will have his/her own particular choice of counteractantLeave all in their hands but give whatsoever feedback is required to help in their ongoing assessment.

I have found that an initial technique to assist in "clearing a space" around the afflicted person is the employment of hypnotherapeutic Subliminal Defence to alert the victim's own subliminal gnosis (i.e. the unconscious mind) to what is afoot and to join the fray.  This is in addition to initial progressive relaxation, deepening, ego enhancement, a safe haven guided meditation and a final termination. 

This should be performed by a competent metaphysician, hypnotherapist or hypnoanalyst who will provide also a corresponding audio tape or CD to which the person should listen daily. (The unconscious mind never sleeps and will assist even during sleep.)   Additionally, 'enhancement of the ego' techniques will erect some measure of confidence as an excellent barrier and buffer of support. 

I have on occasions provided a suitable script for persons overseas which they can record on tape or CD and play back regularly.  The sound of one's own voice just may have an extra reassuring element.  (After all, the first person from whom you should expect love is yourself!)


The ideal attitude which should be instilled in the victim is encapsulated in the parlance of U.S. sales psychology - THINK WIN! at all times. The following advice should be imparted to the victim.

1. Simple prayers learned in childhood and in which one trusts should be used to 'lift the spirits' - real prayer being the intense visualisation of a desired outcome accompanying the prayer or mantra, not simply the repetition of words alone.  (This fact is never imparted by the average religionist, priest, vicar, minister, if he indeed ever has learned this.)

2. Refrain from analysing the past or creating fears of the future.  Live in the now, being preoccupied with the present moment.  If you have no skilled, business or professional duties and are perhaps retired, take up a hobby, art or craft - something that will provide creativity.  As a break from any sedentary task, a twenty minute brisk walk as an interlude is beneficial. 

3. Should one be able for some more intense anaerobic exercises, this could be done to whatever rousing music is favoured, e.g. Northern Soul numbers or military marches by e.g. Sousa, Strauss or Elgar.  Commercial DVDs are available by trained fitness professionals giving just the right exercises to suitable music.  Indeed acoustic wallpaper is an ongoing ideal in many environments (from record stores, fashion shops to supermarkets) Such background music is designed to make the shopper remain of a happy nature and conform to the retailers wishes to maximize sales potentials. The same concept can be designed to lift the spirit of our victim with listening/aerobic exercise/dancing or with the occasional vocal CD to which one can sing occasionally.  The natural vocal vibrations in song are an excellent counteractant to any form of negativity in one's environment. 

Remember how children or young teenagers will suddenly start to sing or whistle when walking in a dark environment which has the potential to conjure up frightening scenarios in the young mind.  In this way, the frightening 'creatures of the night' are exorcised and the fear is allayed as such 'nasties' are really created by the young fellow's own mind.

4. Go out in the sunlight whenever there is a bright day or use a SAD daylight box in winter.  This will reinforce the aura.

5. Take plenty of breaks to read a light book or watch a television comedy.  When was the last time one has watched a cartoon?

6. Company of relatives, friends or neighbours will occupy one positively or one could try to occupy time by doing a favour for someone e.g. a senior neighbour who has difficulty shopping or needs company as much if not more than the victim.  . ....

7. Simple visualisations by the person can strengthen the auric shield, e.g. the picturing of oneself surrounded in an egg-shaped protective barrier of two foot thick lead crystal loaded with blazing light which will reflect all ill back to its origin.  This is a daily morning exercise of perhaps about fifteen minutes.  Once this has been erected each day, the person must go forth to their daily routine with a buoyant mental attitude of confidence that the shield IS working to absolute perfection.  

In addition, the daily breathing in of Vital Power through lungs and every pore of your body is beneficial systemically.  Visualise the Vital Power as living, crackling, electric blue energy - a gift from your cosmic 'heavenly' Father.

8. Another ploy is to create a mental picture of one's house within a lead crystal sphere of three feet thickness, rather like the toy glass or plastic spheres with the scene of a house which is inverted and then returned to sit on its base so that 'snow' may drift down to emulate a winter scene.  Make this a daily evening visualisation exercise.

When these are erected, both personal & domestic, remember to give each shield a name, fill it with the creative energy from the cosmos or blinding white light and instruct it in its sole purpose for existing.  Give it instructions of when to work and when to rest.  Give it a lifespan and how it remains free of all hindrances by things and persons known & unknown. At all times, keep a positive mental attitude.  A guide to this procedure is found here. 

Why a name?  Everything has a name and if there is no name, no thing can be seen to exist.

The name must be such that no one can guess it and vocalise it by accident, interrupting its concentrative work.  E.g. if you want a shield to protect, make an anagram of the word, so "protect" becomes "tectrop" or "aid me" becomes "emida" pronounced "eh-mee-dah".


If perchance one cares little for the body & health normally, ignore 1 & 2.

1. Obviously purifying baths are essential, i.e. baths in which you have allowed to soak any dried herbs of Mars - e.g. radish, squill, garlic, rhubarb, hawthorn, parsley, Shepherd's Rod, pepper & Red Harrow.  A few of these in combination will suffice.

2. Detoxification is another sine qua non.  The bowels must be kept regular, if necessary using a gentle laxative.  Diet should be devoid of food which promotes toxicity - meat, pork, dairy produce and anything of a high fat content.  No fat in cooking.  No confections such as cakes, sweets, chocolates, jams & sugary drinks.  NO ALCOHOL. 

Diet should be low in fat made up of fish, poultry, nuts, beans, good carbohydrates e.g. potatoes and whole grain bread, plenty of vegetable and fruit with variety in colour - green, yellow, orange and red.  Drinks: water, Chai tea, green tea or Earl Grey tea.  Cooking in coconut oil.
  Additional first aid in cases of psychic attack:-

3.  Here are  a few possible choices of Bach Flower remedies

  • Aspen - fear of the unknown
  • Crab Apple - cleansing remedy (also for self-hatred)
  • Gorse - helplessness & despair
  • Larch - lack of confidence
  • Rock Rue - terror & fright
  • Sweet Chestnut - extreme mental anguish
  • Walnut - protection from unwanted influences
  • White Chestnut - removal of unwanted thoughts
  • Bach Rescue Remedies



A. Break contact with the person if it all possible.  If you must meet such a person professionally or in business/trade, perform the following strong visualisation before starting out for work each day (or evening if on a night shift).

See yourself standing with this person before you about 10 yards apart.  You are joined to this person by a black cord of about one inch in diameter from umbilicus to their umbilicus.  The cord is tacky and gummy like sticky toffee.  Your aim is to free yourself from this person.

Now visualise a blazing torch sticking in the ground beside you and you are holding a stainless steel knife in one hand the blade of which is blazing with intense bright white light.  Take the cord in your free hand and cut it close to your umbilicus with the knife.  Drop the knife, pick up the torch and sear the end of the cord you are holding then sear the short end at your umbilicus, watching it fall off. 

The end you are holding must now be thrown towards the person as you shout to them any invective you wish but telling them they have no longer a place in your life.  Watch as the long cord shrivels up as it goes back to them, wrapping them round until they are unable to move.   They then turn wispy like a black cloud getting thinner and thinner until they have disappeared. 

If you are quite alone and isolated, shout as much as you can.  If you are worried about anyone hearing, you can hiss anything vocalised like a snake or you can shout everything in your own mind in perfect silence.

B1. Another possibility is the construction of a glyph such as that below.  Here is a chaosphere which may be constructed, as shown, by one's self or a capable occult practitioner.  This may be copied with one's name entered within:-   

B2.  If one is a Christian and has found little assistance from a minister of the church or a priest and looks to this page for help but has some trepidation regarding the use of the runes, think of this as a possible solution.  The crown of thorns denoted Christ's maturity as a worthy sacrifice and his kingship.  He wore this when his emotions for the good of all mankind were vibrant and heightened.  So, with full acceptance of Jesus as one's Saviour, one should consider placing your name/identity inside the crown of thorns for protection with suitable affirmations and visualisations that you have been delivered from evil.  I suggest you say the Lord's Prayer with emphasis on the two mutated lines in red:-

Our Father, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come. 
Thy will be done in earth, 
As it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that trespass against us. 
And keep us from temptation, 
As Thou hast now delivered us here from evil. 

For thine is the kingdom, 
The power, and the glory, 
For ever and ever. 


C. A similar glyph is possible but using a treiskaidekagon (13 sided figure) with your name at the centre and the thurisaz rune in place of the arrows.  Why 13?  There are thirteen lunations in a complete year.


The thurisaz rune is affixed to each side of the figure - point outwards.
The above 13 sided figure & rune can be copied as a quick basis.  Here one has to be familiar with the Elder Futhark Galdr.

D. Here is the reverse of the above, a treiskaidekagon with the thurisaz runes pointing inwards to trap the malefactor and his evil intentions.  One needs to download this figure and write the person's name inside.

Other methods of defence are mentioned
on the 'Psychic treatment' link

E. One could also consider having a reliable practitioner construct a servitor using a gemstone as a physical base.  Some guidance can be found on Page D09 of the Kaer Dathyl website where the following may be found beneficial:-

  • ivory or bone to provide spiritual protection.
  • onyx to provide protection from external influences.
  • sardonyx to guard against external influences.
  • lace agate to banish depression. 
An investigative organisation, which is based in U.K., has kindly permitted me to publish their details here for those in need of their unique skills and assistance.  Please address emails to the 'Resident Member'.
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