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an explanation

A former student of mine who contributed a considerable amount of web-tech assistance said on one occasion: "Your site looks great but - what the fuck's it about?" 

O.K. let's solve this puzzle.  It's about a Keltic form of what is commonly but perhaps erroneously called paganism.

What is paganism? 

Modern meaning:- Paganism is accepted as a belief in a pre-Christian religious system in which there is equilibration, i.e. both poles of Natures panoply are given due recognition the male and the female.  Of course Shintoism, Jainism, Hinduism, certain Polynesian tribal beliefs and religions of similar ilk fall within this category.

So tell me more about pagans.

Pagans (those who reject organised, established unipolar/imbalanced religions) understand, or should understand, that the cosmos is an almighty, wondrous, magnificent, complex living machine that has come into manifestation.  Certain agencies or forces caused this to happen - not some male Jewish deity & despot with a long white beard sitting on an etherial golden throne stirring space with a magic wand! 

Pagans understand the process that WE create deities in OUR image (not the other way around) for OUR good and the good of the forces embodied in the Deities, e.g. The Earth Mother and Her duties of bringing into life and sustaining Her creations - Who deserves reciprocity and absolute respect and veneration in return.  (A form of science really.)  Read my page on "DIY Metaphysics".

Certain legends were constructed, improved, augmented or distilled until they contained this scientific methodology etc. in allegorical form and were told to children & children's children to the power n-1so that the concepts and hidden concepts could traverse generations ad infinitum.  This is why I always say that any religion of this nature and science are happy bed-fellows.

The legend of the Children of the Goddess Dn is one such legend which is explained in "A Taxonomy", "Fourth Branch Excerpts" & given in full in "Complete Mabinogi of Math". 

As the name suggests, we are a matriarchal & matrilineal family but one in which the male principle is also given its rightful place - hence our strong dislike of the unipolar, imbalanced attitudes of absolute patriarchy found in hyper-aggressive males of certain races, males with pms ("patriarchal mind set") - our btes noires.

So Y Plant Dn is a Kymraec (Welsh) religious sytem which part of a people or race helped evolve over millennia and which has practical uses - as opposed to one invented by a few hustlers (prophets) which is a conglomeration of superstitious garbage that is of NO damned use, except to maintain its hierarchy and priesthood in a comfortable living through their lies and desire of an easy lifestyle!  Remember the saying of Voltaire, "Religion began when the first scoundrel met the first fool".

A quick caveat at the outset and a point to be remembered - we have no members outwith the British Isles and this, I'm afraid, will be the continuing policy as we have found individuals abroad stealing some of our material to boost their egos and pretend to be part of Y Plant Dn thus perpetrating identity theft!  (You may read more about this on Page A00.) 

You got it now??

But people say you work magic and with the supernatural. 

We do not.  To us there is no such thing as magic & the supernatural, i.e. things greater or above Nature.  Nothing is greater than Nature.  Even the appearance of a Cosmos or Multiverse is simply natural, nothing more.  But, yes, we work with these forces of Nature as protyles i.e. sub-atomic realms.

Is this not witchcraft?

NO, it is not!  We and those like us have been called witches/wizards/sorcerers or
magicians but these are very foolish, puerile words coined by medieval minds who were short on understanding and blinded by centuries of Christian indoctrination.  It is very strange that many 20th and 21st century minds reveal themselves to be equally fatuous and unintelligent in perpetuating the use of such terms. 

These idioms we have never ever used to describe ourselves.  (Read "Disclaimer" below.)  Perhaps the term 'druid' comes a little close as a descriptor but even that is incorrect, as the modern day druids appeared during the Keltic Revival of the 18th and 19th centuries and in reality should be termed members of Neo-Druidism. 

There are many who imitate some of our concepts and who employ this alien Anglo-Saxon term, actually calling  themselves witches, thinking it a term of which to be proud!  Can you imagine people of Afro-Caribbean descent in 600 years time saying "We're proud to be niggers?"  Of course not!  Read the "Comparison" page (when you can make time) to profile those so-called 'witches' with us and get the record straight with a detailed analysis of the subject. 

In the "FAQ" page when asked to give a descriptor for someone like me, I gave the term a "Keltic Cosmotheist" which is not a bad expression (a Kelt who understands that Cosmic Totality and all metaphysical 'facts' therein is The Absolute, i.e. Total Divinity) or a "Keltic metaphysician and mystic".  We keep our feet on the byways of history, therefore, rooted in our parochial acreage but with the strivings of soul and spirit allied to that Ultimate Parentage which extruded our beings and trying to allow the mind to function as mediator twixt these two realms.

In this page, when asked if I were a pagan, I replied that the Roman pagani (those who lived in the pagus or village) lived by working the land and that I have never been employed in the agricultural industry.

As I live, move and have my being amid the modern high-tech appurtenances of the 21st century, I suppose I could be termed an oppidanus, a city dweller.  But, as I added there and now reiterate, what classical Latin has to do with all this is a mystery to me! 

Nevertheless, as the old pagan and the land worked together, I prefer to think that a modern pagan is one who reveres the land on which he lives, e.g. the Kelts & Gaels, certain Scandinavians of the Northern Tradition, the true ethnic Americans, the aboriginal First Nations of Canada & Inuits, ethnic Australians & The Maoris of New Zealand, the Hindus of Bharata and the many ethnic tribes of Africa.

We are simply known as "Y Plant Dn" (The Children of Dn) or "Teulu Y Mamau" (The Family of The Mothers).  More often, other groups know us as " Gwerin Yr Ogledd" (The Warband of The North - although the Old Welsh word for warband is used - not the modern 'gwerin'). 

Similar to all other family-oriented hereditary groups, we are devotees of a Keltic Pantheon, giving ourselves and our attention unreservedly to the Deities of that Pantheon without craving to tinker with or employ foreign theophanies or aspects of alien religions, cults, paranormal systems and practicalities.   Our most unloved word, as I have expressed many times before, is 'eclectic'!   In concentrating entirely on one ethnic pantheon, our researches constantly investigate deeper and more numerous philosophical levels to further enrich our understanding and methodology - a dedication to which few willingly commit..

So there you have it and "Here endeth the damned lesson"!


To whatsoever reader seeks fantasy, therefore, I recommend that they read no further for herein is described a realm where there are NO magic circles, devils, pantomime demons, sacrifices, orgies, sex rites or even mediumship of the spiritist variety.

Unlike the present "Witch-cult revivalists", we do not call upon the Greek Artemis, Aphrodite or Pan nor the Roman Diana.  Neither do we attempt to emulate the nudity of the Italian Maddalena (whoever she may have been) nor whip our peers in the manner an ancient master scourged his slaves.  The symbolism of the Middle Eastern Qabala or pseudo-Masonic initiations have no place in our lives as we are neither Jews nor Freemasons.  Satan we leave in his rightful place in Semitic legend and the Devil within the womb which spawned him - the Christian Church.  (I do not append SAT-TAN to this concept of Satan.) 

Witches we are most certainly not!  This was a derogatory name of shame and humiliation invented by the alien Anglo-Saxon invaders and oppressors to describe those who followed the naturally evolved religion of the Kelt and Gael and which label subtended the hangman's noose or the executioner's fire.   Such families as have perpetuated the British traditions would no more adopt this denigrating foreign term than would the sensitive French the deprecating name of 'frogs', the proud Germanic people the rediculous term 'krauts' or our own Irish neighbours the insulting derogatory descriptions 'Micks' and 'Paddies'.

Lastly, in an age where race relations are of immense importance to human existence and where the promulgation of laws provides adequate teeth to entrap those who would dare contravene the common courtesy of such social relationships, I pray that the same recognition be given to the naturally evolved spiritual heritage of the Kelt and Gael within the islands of their birth, as is given to the pre-Christian religious heritage of Hindu which is applauded as a facet of the ethnic traditions of that race.  Such a religion is strangely enough very close to the British spiritual floodtide and the broad outlook of its followers in many ways.

May the efforts of the conservationist be seen to be directed to this endangered aspect of the Motherland of Britain and relegate the unwholesome patriarchal cults to the Middle East whence they have been spewed!

Copyright Gareth Pengwerin 1975           
 All rights reserved