Hi - yr Un

(She - the One)

One thousand trillion

Gleaming lanthorns*

Display le pavane propre

    Of my graceful Avia,**

Slow spinning and splendid,

A glitt’ring ballerina

Mid swirling constellations -

Glowing assemblages

Of filaments familial.


In trimmèd strand,

Her cherished Son

And daystar bright,

Forth pours auratic gold

A living Spirit chaste

And fount of life

To all in each demesne

And restful tutelage.


Neath mild hegemony

Dwell daughters twain,

One the cold reflection

Of a sibling's glow,

The other richly charged
With liberal fecundity -

An Alma Mater true

To finite denizens enow,+

From crag and peak

To verdant vale,
To briny surge

And all that spring

From furrow rich
Or fathom deep

That many mouths sustains -

Capacious or miniscule.

Every vibrant cell

Be of Heredity Majestic

And Hallowed Spirit charged.

All within our Avia dwell

And She in they,

Her treasured kin

That aye live for

And return

To embrace

The One.

* pronounced "lant - horns", i.e. lanterns
** Latin for "Grand  Mother"
+ Old English for "enough"

copyright © Gareth Pengwerin
20th April 2015
All rights reserved