Y Plant Dôn

(The Children of Dôn)

Updated 26th February 2015

Welcome, my friend - sit a while in
y porthy porthawr (the porter's lodge),
while I tell you a little of Kaer Dathyl.

Oh! and here's a horn of mead to
give you some cheer .................

To complete the Kaer Dathyl Experience, please turn on
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This website is an offering to Dôn, Y Frehines Fawr (High Queen) of The Mabinogi and to Her sublime Cosmic Pantheon, my mentor and inspiration for many many decades.  Nevertheless, I am neither a druid, witch or Wiccan
but class myself as a mystic & metaphysician. When pressed to hang a label around my neck, I usually say I am a Keltic Cosmotheist who works with his wife as a pro bono Consultant Metaphysician, hypnotherapist & hypnoanalyst.

(Occasionally you will find a phrase in Attic Greek.  The fount used is SPIonic which you can download now from this link.)

To explain briefly and, I confess, immodestly - what you have before you is a damned good comprehensive primer or textbook on the subject of theoretical and practical Keltic metaphysics & mysticism.   Please take ample time to read every page and link to assimilate the complete structure.

It was designed:-

1. simply to provide an inspiration and example to the few Kelts who study this website to create their.own texts.

2. to be used, for examining & researching the structure of other panthea via the Law of Analogy using my work in The Taxonomy as a functional exemplar.


It is not to be downloaded and used for Festivals and Ceremonies outwith the United Kingdom in foreign or ex-colonial lands which have their own parochial Deities and is certainly not to be plundered by so-called 'eclectics' to add to their admixture of materials, some of which have been ransacked from contemporary writers, to compensate for their lack of creativity and personal development.  Scelus hic iacet.

Please respect the land on which you are domiciled together with the fruits of others' labours!

A warm welcome goes to all members of WitchVox, Pagan Space, Temple Illuminatus and Real Pagan, especially those who have been invited to join me here.

Were I a biologist I should not hesitate in using the expression 'morphogenesis' (the beginning of a shape or structure).  So I freely adopt this term primarily, as at the heart of metaphysics.are ever-living cosmic forces, protyles or indeed Deities and, moreover, because this website has developed in shape as would any organism. 

What, therefore, was the morphogenesis of this complex presentation and indeed what was my link with Edinburgh, the city in which I found myself domiciled so
me seventeen years ago in my retirement?  This was the city where I delivered a lecture to the Carnelian Society at the University in 1968 which proved to be the planting of the seeds of my book "The Portal of The Keltic Gods" and indeed this website. This was repeated, again by invitation, to the Theosophical Society, Edinburgh in the mid 1970s.  In 1983 we were recalled to Edinburgh to investigate the cases of a number of victims of a serial psychic terrorist whose modus operandi was the exposing dynamic to his identity.

As I intimated in that work, the 'Portal' was a textbook for the beginner on a quest for Keltdom, giving a general survey of the subject.  Now following much thought on what to commit to the public domain, this website has grown with two or three make-overs cosmetically, so what is here in reality is a greatly expanded and illustrated "Portal of The Keltic Gods" with sound - a total.experience!

Another brief statement deemed essential - everything that one needs to know is on this site - hence its size and the extension of the FAQ page which obviates my regurgitation of answers to inconsequential questions.

To those looking for:- spells to copy, witchy pictures with pentagrams, recipes for a solstice snack or how to blend nice smelling oils, do not.read any further - this is not that tpe of website!

So do read everything herein patiently before beginning yet  another tiresome interrogation procedure. Caveat:- to dij ecamartein ouk androj sofouA further admonition is given here to the embryonic professional interrogators.

Another example of reciprocity which I applaud is the signing of a person's name and comment in my Guest book just to say, "Hiya, old man, I dropped by", which is seldom done - c'est la vie!

This site is devoted to the Keltic Mysteries of Y Plant Dôn - One of the major pantheons in Kymraec (Welsh) mythology.   It is a platform where one may meet the Goddesses and Gods of the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi and savour the ethos of Keltdom via the many Ceremonies and Festivals kept alive by those who favour retaining an ethnic approach to spirituality in Britain.

We are based in the United Kingdom and, further to recent questions, can reassure our readers that we have NO branch of Y Plant Dôn in the U.S.A.  Such branches of this family as exist are found only in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. 

 Indeed we have no links with any American groups whatsoever - with the exception of retaining a deep sympathy and some contacts with our counterparts in various parts of the globe - a number of Kelt-Iberians, the ethnic and true Americans, the First Nations of Canada, ethic Australians and New Zealanders, The Northern Tradition, those who are devotees of the Classical Pantheons in Mediterranean lands,  the Hindus of Bharata and the many ethnic tribes worldwide.  May they ever prosper!

Little mention has been made of  the pre-Arthurian aspects of the Keltic Mysteries within New Age publications.  To rectify this omission, Dr. Gareth Pengwerin and his wife Siân, your guides through these pages, share a little of their own family tradition with you.  They do not, however, talk around or about the subject, as is general practice, but flesh out their heritage by giving certain ceremonies together with a comprehensive Taxonomy of The Keltic Deities.

All of these are copyright and some appeared in "Portal of The Keltic Gods" (written by Dr. Pengwerin under the pen name of Mael Gwynedd in 1991).

(We do not recommend these texts, however, to anyone of Keltic descent domiciled outwith the British Isles as the Elder Deities of their chosen new homeland are due Their rightful respect and honour.)

Within these texts appear abbreviations for those taking part and all these derive from Middle Welsh.  Other words of similar derivation will be explained as each text unfolds.  

K  = Kynran
Ks = Kynranes 
M  = Marchawc
B   = Boneddiges
(male leader)
(female leader)

Spirit And Sky Leading Site
                  Award 2004.

Spirit And Sky
Top Spiritual Site 2005

This site in its former size was awarded Top Spiritual Site of 67 Keltic sites in 2005.

Unlike the Church of today which endeavours to mutate the spoken word into a trendy modern idiom to halt the haemorrhage of the unfaithful, we retain a more archaic genre of text which ensures retention of a character standing apart from the mundane and, therefore, occupying a unique sanctum within the mind and for this, among many other facets of the exposition, we make no apology whatsoever. 

Our thanks go to the few contributors who provide tangential reinforcement of certain aspects and who are stout allies

Happy reading ......................

We are Keltic Metaphysicians who are often asked, "What is Metaphysics."

I quote from the many dictionary entries on the subject --

Metaphysics is:-

1. the branch of philosophy that treats of first principles, includes ontology and cosmology and is intimately connected with epistemology.

2. philosophy, especially in its more abstruse branches, the branch of philosophy that deals with first principles, especially of being and knowing.

3. the philosophical study of the nature of reality, concerned with such questions as the existence of God, the eternal world etc..


My definition of Practical Metaphysics:-

"Metaphysics is spiritual certainty realized by 'The All' embedded in the space-time continuum - the Noumenon that extrudes manifestation."

Now the space-time continuum seems to have been displaced from quantum physics and thrown by mistake into a great pagan cauldron - right?  WRONG!

The time factor within the valid concepts found in the legend of Math is wide ranging, from centuries b.c. to the present and into infinity.  The space factor similarly extends from the strata below the valleys and hills of Wales to that which is within yet beyond Hubble's ultra deep field.  Remember the Noumenon is ALL.

The ancient cyfarwyddwyr (story tellers) appreciated these concepts (most likely unconsciously) and were able to pass the indwelling spirit of the legend to 20th and 21st century minds that could contemporaneously develop their message by extrapolation.


Happy reading ..............................................................

Gareth Pengwerin
   Sian Pengwerin

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over 300 pages on this site to be savoured!

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