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A00 Y PLANT DÔN IS NOT FOR STEALING - let's get this out of the way right now!  A MUST read.

A01 EXPLANATION & DISCLAIMER - what Y Plant Dôn is and is not.

A02 PORTAL OF THE KELTIC GODS - excerpts from Part 1 of the now out-of-print book which surveys Pre-Christian British Religion - it's Evidence, Suppression and Survival. ( A 16,000 word basic examination of the subject - for the novice, the embryonic British seeker for Pagan pathways.)

A03 COMPLETE LEGEND OF MATH - the myth by which Y Plant Dôn lives (in English and Middle Welsh).

A04 FOURTH BRANCH EXCERPTS of The Mabinogi - further brief analytical glimpses into the Legend of Math.

A05 A TAXONOMY - of the Major Deities of the Brythonic Kelt and their interface with the human organism - a short but essential 40 year old thesis of 41,800 words - recently updated.  Whether your interest lies in Metaphysics, Mythology or Quantum Physics, this is the page for you.    A widely recognised unique academic landmark in the annals of Ethnic Religion.  (The version displayed on the Plant Bran website is but a précis of this the original and without illustrations.)

A06 AN OLD TALE - which is used on unique occasions - a blending of solar and terrestrial myths

A07 THE LEGEND OF KERRIDWEN - a retelling.

A08 EXCERPTS  - from the basic philosophy of this Keltic system which will explain some practical approaches.

A09 FFYNHONNELL - the Origin/Source of All.  (A poetic descriptor)

A10 MAGIC REFUTED - a denial of the existence of 'magic' and the 'supernatural'.

A11 D.I.Y. METAPHYSICS - a purge of intellectualism.

A12 PSYCHODRAMAS - ever-living legends in Cosmic consciousness.

A13 DERIVATIONS - of names or places in Welsh.  Defining their meaning.


B01 MAJOR FESTIVALSof the natural year - the earth based observances  explained.

B02 MINOR FESTIVALS - of the natural year - an exposition of the solar oriented festivals

B03 CEREMONIES - of Y Plant Dôn - four of the Common Rites of Passage with their texts.

B04 WORKINGS  - of Y Plant Dôn (never before shown).

B05 CELESTIAL DIALOGUE - extracted from the Ceremony of Parenthood.

B06 COULD THE LADY BUT SPEAK - imagining what Her homily might be.

B07 IN DEFENCE OF THE GODDESS - is the 'Crone' aspect an accolade or a blatant insult?

B08 TELESMIC IMAGES - Divine telesmic images for visualisations.

B09 THE ENCHANTER - a simple prompt for practicalities.

B10 ELEGY - to Owain ap Urien.

B11 THE PATH - a symbolic journey through the winding realms of The Taxonomy.

B12 PRAYERS - a few standard prayers from various ceremonies of Y Plant as exemplars.

B13 CREATIVITY - in textual construction.  Reasons for encouraging creativity.


C02 THE RUNES - a standardisation constructed from the various forms of the Runic alphabet.

C03 PAGAN ETHIC - a possibility.

C04 CORRESPONDENCES - Metaphysical Law of Analogy.  The basic Elements & sounds, both natural and instrumental.

C05 TIME TRAVEL - a practical possibility or a pipe-dream?

C06 THE NUMBER THIRTEEN - an exorcism of the myth of the ill fortune in this number.

C07 PSYCHIC ATTACK - a survey of the motivation, symptomatology, investigative approaches and possible treatments. A nine part package of 15, 000 words to assist the victim, hypnoanalist or the consultant metaphysician.

C08 TREES - of the month and season.

C09 HERBAL - a very short list.

C10 GEM STONES - as aids to healing and equilibrium.

C11 BOOKS - a number of works found relevant to or which impinge upon Keltic spirituality.

C12 MICROCOSMOS - how The All impacts the human organism. (a descriptor)

C13 THE REDE - It was suggested by another Welsh family that I revise what is known as 'The Rede' to make it conform to Keltic symbolism.  Although this rede or law finds no place in our system whatsoever, I indulged my friends.

D01 TRADITIONAL KELTIC RELIGION v WICCA - a comparison between Brythonic Keltdom and Wicca.  I was asked recently by a few interested readers to replace this essay which was written in 1980 in answer to the question: "Did Old Gerald not base his Wicca on Keltic lore?" Here then is the unvarnished truth about the origins of the fabrication called 'Wicca'. (a 35 year old critique of over 16,000 words)

D02 TRAINING - the educational regime of Y Plant Dôn.

D03 CONSTITUTION - of Y Plant Dôn.

D04 PSYCHODYNAMICS OF WORSHIP - worship as it affects the human organism.

D05 MUSIC IN WORSHIP - an historical timeline.

D06 THE ELDER FUTHARK SWYN  - a method of energizing the runes in a working situation.

D07 INTO THE FUTURE - an after thought.

D08 POETRY PAGE - contributions invited and very welcome via the Guest Book.

D09 ECOLOGY PAGE - matters of contemporary ecology and sociological anomalies in history.

D10 PSYCHIC PAGE - psychic problems, experiences & journeys.  Again relevant contributions are always welcome.

D11 LETTER FROM AUSTRALIA - we in Britain perhaps take our heritage a little for granted and do not understand the problems that face a Kelt in the new countries.  This essay from Kyrsten in Australia has been a great insight to us and for which were are indeed very very grateful!  I stress that this is essential reading for all in former colonial lands as it reveals some solid practical advice.

D12 ARTHUR'S QUEST - The observations, reasoning and pragmatism of my  friend Arthur T. Estrawn, a Kelt born in North America, as he attempts to reconcile his awakened Keltic spirituality with the land of his birth.   Following his manifesto is a scholarly pentalogy of articles on the emergence of Keltic Spirituality in the present day. Highly recommended reading.

D13 COMPOSING A CEREMONY - Demonstrating the ground plan in constructing rites.

E01 COMPANY OF LIGHT - an essential read for the lovers of our country. Are you willing to help Albion?

E02 DISCUSSION - is the term Wicca or Witchcraft really a blanket descriptor for a number of religions? Together with other observations which require long-overdue ventilation.

E03 IN MEMORY - of Andrea who died in her prime after much pain.

E04 MARWNAT - an Elegy on the life of our feline companion, Pepper who was taken from us - with reassurances for all animal lovers.

E05 IN MEMORIAM - CREDITS - LINKS to other interesting sites (and some fun stuff).

E06 THE BARBICAN - further to questions asked about this society, I have been given permission to add a very brief description for information but no link to any contact member.

E07 COMMENTS - all comments or contributions for publication welcome:- poetry, experiences, philosophy etc..

E08 OPEN LETTER TO SATANISTS- to assist them with their grammar.  This follows a conversation with one of the L.H.P. who attempted to refute my observations on the subject.  (Without having studied Classical subjects, I may add!)

E09 RITUALISTIC CHILD ABUSE - reappraisal of the phenomenon by 'The Emissary' (a 1992 original feature re-introduced).

E10 LESLENE DELLA-MADRE  - the biography of this great lady and her sterling work for the Divine Feminine.

E11 THE LUMINOUS DARK MOTHER - an excellent exposition by Leslene della-Madre (aka Leslie McIntyre) examining the origins and incidences of the worship of the Great Goddess.   A "MUST READ".

E12 PATRIARCHY 01 - The (destructive) Role Patriarchy Plays in Our Contemporary World Situation by Leslene Della-Madre who kindly allows us to display her writings and philosophy.

E13 PATRIARCHY 02 - a brief appraisal of this outmoded phenomenon that will not go to perdition.

F01 THAT OLD CHESTNUT 'GOD' - a page to gladden the heart of the atheist.

F02 "THE POISON CALLED HISTORY" - This excellent essay, written by Jim Fowler, the originator and driving force of the 1970s publication, ‘The Arrow of Albion’,  is as valid today in this era of pluralistic societies as when written nearly 40 years ago.  Contemporary political correctness demands we deny the existence of ethnic Britons – tell that to the long dead Ice-age inhabitants of the Creswell Crags!   A great pleasure to reprint.

F03 U.N. DECLARATION - on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.   The backing track is the music of the Irish i.e. Goidelic Kelts, as I felt there should be a link at least on one page with Ár gcairde gar (our close friends) in that "little bit of heaven that fell from out the sky one day"!  The embedded track is an instrumental version of the song "Down by the Sally Gardens", the words of which are from the pen of the renowned Irish poet W.B. Yeats.

F04 UDHR - Relevant articles from The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of which most Western nations are signatories & which apply to followers of minority religions for their protection - yes, including those of the Kelt!

Welsh Section

F05 KELTIC GENETICS - that which makes the Kelt stand apart and here is the modern researches into the possible dating and origin of Offa's Dyke.   
F06 WELSH PRONUNCIATION - it's not as difficult as one may think.

F07 MUTATIONS - the dreaded 'beast' of Welsh grammar explained!

F08 MIDDLE WELSH - a course book by the late Gareth Morgan for those interested in reading the old scripts.  [Also very useful is EVANS, D. Simon (1964). A Grammar of Middle Welsh - Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.ISBN 1-85500-000-8.]

F09 MYTHS ABOUT WELSHbeware of what you hear said about the language, since some of it is, frankly, ignorant nonsense.



F12 PREHISTORY OF WALES - From Wales "Early Neanderthals lived in what is now Wales, at least 230,000 years ago, while Homo sapiens arrived by about 29,000 years ago."

F13 WELSH CASTLES - for those with an interest in architecture and history.

G01 THE KYMRU - the place of the Welsh in Britain prior to the Danish invasions of c. 800, their language from Old to Middle to Modern Welsh, their genetics and the forgotten heritage in Yr Ogledd Hen (The Old North).

G02 THE GODODDIN - concerning an early poem and the tribe of that name from Yr Ogledd Hen Cymru (The Old North Wales, i.e. South East of Scotland and over the border).

OWAIN GLYNDWR - the last true Prince of Wales.

G04 DR WILLIAM PRICE - the forward thinking radical doctor who had cremation ratified in Wales then the UK.


End of Welsh Section

G05 EMPIRES COME AND EMPIRES GO - the impermanency of all coalitions, small or large with comments on the modern confederacies - political and financial.  (Gareth takes on the Politicians and Bankers - all grossly infected by hubris!)  Predicting the future death-throes of a moribund EU.

G06 AN ANARCHIST'S DREAM - hope for the New Order in a New Age?!?!

G07 HELP STOP THE EXPLOITATION OF INDIAN CEREMONIES AND CULTURE - from Cankú Lúta  (Red Road Inc.) This replaces the paper by Mariah Jones which is no longer on the web.  I'm glad I found this link and am able to help ventilate the abuse of the culture of yet another ethnic nation, usually to satisfy the greed of those who usurped their homeland.

G08 SELLING AMERICAN SPIRITUALITY - "Cheating Us, Cheating Them" by Pte Cante Winyan. A quote from their site:-

"All over the country there are people claiming to be taught by, and in some cases, direct descendants of well-known American Indian leaders. These people are neither teachers in the old ways, taught by, descendants of, nor are they sanctioned by the Nations they claim to be part of. They are what is commonly called 'wannabes'.  They cheat not only those they steal from but also from those that pay for these teachings.  There is no value and no healing in lying and making up ceremony and teachings that are created out of ego and greed."
                                                                          (We know just how you feel!)

G09 NATIVE AMERICAN BELIEFS - introduced by White Feather, Navajo Medicine Man. Note especially the Native Code of Ethics, a reprint from the "Inter-Tribal Times" - October 1994.  We Kelts can endorse this one hundred fold!

G10 THE MAGNIFICENCE OF COSMOS - matched by the ebullience of 'Jupiter' ("the bringer of jollity") from Gustav Holst's Suite 'The Planets'. For optimum pleasure turn up the volume and use full-screen mode for the video, as you witness The Great Mother reveal Herself in all Her illimitable and immeasurable beauty. 

Our feet may tread upon the Earth Mother but here is where lie our heads - yes this is Cosmotheism in the extreme and as cosmotheists we rejoice as our souls are bathed in wonder!   Follow your viewing with a quiet 'thank you' to Her for being one of Her children.    Click HERE to view a close-up of The Lady's cloak in all its splendour and find at the foot of this page links to seven more videos.

G11 GLIMPSES OF GWYNFYD (The Realm of Blessedness) - or are Bellian transmissions simply an archaic memory?

G12 FOREVER WE - Having rested, a spirit agrees to embark upon yet another incarnation on Kylch Abred, the Circle of Rebirth.  From the instillation of an incarnational identity, the bedrock of prime instincts and seed-ground of the emotional plane are seen to crystallize as a human birth approaches. 

G13 WORDS FROM THE MASTER Big Think - smarter, faster by Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics, The City University of New York.   A series of videos to captivate and enthrall - WOW!  And that's not all, there is a vast array of videos, articles, playlists and experts to give a wide scope of quantum physics for the interested reader, expert or student.

H01 CHRISTIANITY reassessed and the resulting evidence determines its level among the religions of humankind - that of solar & earthly-combustible parameters with unfortunately no tendrils approximating the higher dimensions of Spirit, the Cosmic Noumena.

H02 ADMONITION - Heeding the land of your domicile which grants you a living and asks for your honour in return.

H03 THOUGHTS ON DEATH - in answer to a reader who had studied the Tantrik concepts.

H04 A FINAL ASSERTION - to all seekers of an equilibrated spiritual path.

H05 THE PROTOCOLS OF BELEU - The All Father's role.

H06 THE MANIFESTATION OF GWYNN - The Cosmic Mother addresses Her First Born, the Psychopompos.

H07 THE MANIFESTATION OF PENARDDUN - The Moon Goddess proclaims Her duties.

H08 PENARDDUN'S PREAMBLE - Her instruction of humankind.

H09 THE MANIFESTATION OF GWYDYON - The Cosmic Mother hails the Sun God.

H10 GWYDYON  IN HIS  SECONDARY ROLE - The King of Battles.

H11 THE MANIFESTATION OF LLYR - The Cosmic Mother welcomes the Sea God.

H12 THE MANIFESTATION OF ARANROT - The Cosmic Mother salutes the Earth Goddess.

H13 RHIANNON - An earthly manifestation of this Goddess.


Y Fam ddu
(mater nigra)

I01 THE FORGOTTEN MOTHER - the Earth Intelligence in despair due to contemporary worldwide greed, planetary exploitation and rape!  

I02 A REAPPRAISAL of 10,500 words of the Cosmic position and functionality of the Keltic Dark Goddess, bearing in mind that the Dark Goddesses of all ethnic pantheons are congruent.
I03 THE DARK MATRIARCH - in Whom we live and Who dwells in each of us.  There is no escape and really who would wish one?  Within us is the Paradise of Rapture but few are aware of It!

I04 Y FAM DDU - Dark Mater in triple aspect - extruder, sustainer, receiver.  I like to visualise the Great Cosmic Goddess as a sphere the size of which is infinite.  It is formed of and is filled with Dark Matter but within this Dark Matter hang billions of galactic clusters - all crystalized from their Mater and remaining within the sphere. 
I05 THE PRIMORDIAL COSMIC WOMB - The Cosmic Goddess in Her gestational period -a page for meditation.

I06 THE SOURCE - Impregnation of The Dark Essence or Noumenon - another possible device for meditation. 

I07 TH' ETERNAL QUEST - The mythic spur that drove each medieval knight.

I08 HI - YR UN (She - The One) - Universal extrusion

109 MATH FAB MATHONWY - the Lord of Destiny and He Who leaves His imprint over the entire Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi.  As His legend is stated in Section A, so His descriptor ends this final section thus encapsulating the entire Kaer Dathyl website.

110 Y FEDEL WENITH - in honour of thy daily bread.

YNYS Y KEDYRN - the Island of The Mighty, an historic survey of early ethnic cleansing and genocide.           

I12  FAQ - a magazine interview following publication of the "Portal" + lineage& family tree and more OR Gareth unveiled.
113 THE MAGIC OF MAHLER - for those who tire of the art as a mere backing to my pages.  Here is the Finale to Mahler's Symphony  N. 2 (The 'Resurrection' Symphony).  Enjoy!


J01 World Crisis - time to take back and consolidate what is ours - our cultural heritage and democracy?

A Confutation Of The Declaration Of Arbroath - If we are to be guided by these 700 year old pleadings of Medieval Papists that have little relevance to a modern multicultural and multifaith society, then perhaps we should be permitted to remember the 1185 year old genocide by the ancestors of the modern Scots that bequeathed their children a stolen land with all that it might produce for their subsistence – a land their modern descendents now wish to annex in perpetuity with global approval and deposit in the firm grasp of their Goidelic offspring per omnia saecula saeculorum.

J03 Planned Depopulation - an article by Austin Ruse criticizing Professor John Schnellhuber's remarks on population control.  This is followed by a report from Natural News where Mike Adams ventilates possible methods of depopulation.  The Health Ranger, as he is termed, fearlessly treads on the sensitive political ground of the One World Government freaks.  Our sincere thanks for this scary article, Mike and the vision of Natural News.

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