Penarddun's Preamble

I am the Dark Queen's fair and lofty Child;
High o'er thy night-path have I ever smiled.
Cast aloft thy gaze, my face behold -
The hidden Mother's Eye and lantern cold.

In sleep draw I thy soul nigh Gwynfyd free
To heal the thorn-wounds of mortality.
The mighty deep surrenders to my hand;
The tides of womankind heed my command.
So too thine heart is moulded by my will
When thou thy troubled breast hast learned to still.
For thee I raise a shining gorsedd high,
Where worthy souls shall find all secrets lie.

My youth upholds each birth, with comfort lending,
Mine aged counsel tendeth all thine endings.
Honour me oft, thron'd in Kaer Colur's height,
Merch Dôn a Beleu Mawr, The Queen of Night.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    copyright ©
Gareth Pengwerin 1969
all rights reserved