Gareth's Rancorous Rousing Rant!


Quite a few texts have been removed from the site on account of the fact that in the U.S.A. there are a number of unethical types who copy and steal the writings of others in a desperate attempt to manufacture a mask of authenticity.  This assists the maintenance of their styles of poseurs and wannabes - creatures who lack the intelligence and creative ability to produce works of their own. (Luckily such texts as do appear on site have been previously published in 1991 and are copyright.)

I have just seen the following on a profile November 2014: "I'm a spiritual junkie.  I take what I want and leave the rest behind."  (So this is the way in New Mexico?)   

In the mid-1970s one well-known American pagan woman who had been staying with us for a number of days was caught in our private room copying material into her notebook.  Needless to say her sojourn was cut short and she was the very last from the U.S. to enjoy our hospitality.  Indeed there were many who came to visit both me and Ruth Wynn Owen around that time.  I am not complaining here about my material appearing on another academic site as a quotation with due credit to me being apportioned.  Nor do I complain of the so-called 'eclectics' who ransack e.g. The Golden Dawn, Egyptian texts, The Vedas, The Kalevala, Classical mythology or Christian angelology for such detritus as will give colour to a perhaps impoverished system and when creativity eludes them.

I do strongly complain, however, of material being displayed supposedly as part of another's so-called family, disseminated "throughout many generations", according to them, when in reality it was composed by me perhaps in the 1960s or 70s! In this wise, our family name, heritage and very existence has been stolen!!  Ruth Wynn Owen was similarly afflicted by such creatures' pilfering Y Plant Bran material in the last decade of her life.  Those amoral 'eclectics' who constantly steal the writings of living fellow pagans are whom I rightly name serial thieves!

I have known also UK pagan guests who have stolen books from my library and even a ceremonial object that I had personally crafted by hand.  Many years ago, as we visited Edinburgh, a so-called friend of ours showed Sian and me a writers' magazine in which was a poem under his name.  Yes, you guessed it, the poem was one which I had written about two years before in the presence of this 'friend', his wife and another aquaintance one Sunday morning, a copy being left with them.  Fortunately he had substituted a word he had difficulty reading due to my scribbled script and Sian, knowing the poem, could correct the error!

This from a recent profile where the person was quite shameless about their intentions:- "i have been studying religions in general. i take what i need from each and incorporate them where and when appropriate."

Yet another:- "I dabble in a bit of everything and like to take from any type of magick I have interest in, no matter where it comes from." 

(This uffar gwirion (schmuck) blatantly admits she could not care less what she plunders!)

Often fragments of traditional texts are regurgitated as part of some convoluted and spurious proof of belonging to something British.  When taking an overview of the material of certain U.S. groups, however, there are a thousand and one 'give-aways' why they are overtly Gardnerian/Alexandrian Wiccan oriented and most decidedly not Keltic traditionalists.

We continue to find those who, having read my "Portal of The Keltic Gods", set themselves up as Y Plant Dôn and, as I said above, steal our identity.  Such creatures are a disgust to the very Deities with Whom they try to communicate.  Their pitiful attempt to revive wilting egos in a land that is awash with Wicca and pseudo-Druidry by calling on stolen Deities using stolen rites may give them some gratification via their "look y'all, I'm different" publicity but their front will always be a damned lie!  We have never adopted into Y Plant anyone from a foreign country and we never will!
I have just read a post (19-03-14) from a person who quotes the names of all our festivals.  Copyscape homed in on this information disclosing his pilfering as from all these festival names only ONE is correct, the remaining 7 being wrong to confound the plagiarists.


People ask, "Why, then, have you put this vast website into the public domain?"  The simple answer is as a counteractant to such thieves, as this site reveals the true  origin of the very material which they attempt to steal - so the original is now out in the open to confound those dishonest creatures, the serial cleptomaniacs of this world!

What is not realised is that all texts of Y Plant Dôn were composed by me, although containing certain inherited phrases in Middle Welsh.  These latter are usually quoted with the occasional inaccuracy to trap the plagiarist!  I even had a request from one lady regarding a portion of text: "May I borrow it for my collection".  How long does one borrow it and how does one return it at the end of the loan?   She wanted to relegate my text to the level of a collectible!  (There is an overt and a hidden insult herein, methinks.)

There is yet a further caveat here in modern times.  Should any such people  claim to be Y Plant Dôn, they are guilty of identity theft.  If they then charge cash for information, spurious membership, teaching, pseudo-advancements etc., then in the final analysis the full charge could be identity theft for fraudulent purposes.  How easy it is to breach modern law!

Our sincere gratitude goes to Adam Hayden in the U.S. for discovering material stolen from my writings by one of his aquaintances c. 2007 and the following few years.  This person, who had made an industry of thieving from a variety of sites, was reported to the proper authorities by Adam on my behalf, which demonstrates the fair dealing and keen observation of ethics by most in the U.S.  Thank you, Adam, for your vigilance and help.

Perhaps all these have overlooked the maxim in The Gardnerian Charge: "If that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without thee," which is an idiomatic version of the Latin maxim: "Foras non ire, veritas in interiore homine habitat."  (Go not outside; truth resides in the inner man.)

Some may be aware of the aberrant behaviour of my elder son who recently appeared to think that his father's attributes, accomplishments & time-line automatically belonged to him!   Hell, even my own family are not adverse to a bit of blatant robbery!!  He may be found still lurking in a number of  relatively inoffensive sites under the pseudonyms of Emrys Pengwerin and Marchawc - both generated by me at one time.  Even his site logo is the negative of a gif  I freely employed as an illustration of the Sun God -  mehercule! "nihil esse tam sanc­tum quod non vio­lari pos­sit."  (Cicero, In Ver­rem I. 2)  Something Freudian here?

Such practices and the perpetrators thereof, I avow, are indeed both sinister and dangerous, although we sympathize with the dearth of personal satisfaction in such douchebags * owing to their construction of dreary and disappointing lifestyles - hence their willing forays into fields of delusion, especially that of grandeur.

  * Wiktionary's definition:- (U.S. slang) "Any social misfit; a doofus, dork, or nerd."

"Hard in pursuit and on leathern wings
Fly the terrible dragons of Royal Beleu......"



Lastly, before many jump to leave irate or poisonous messages in our guestbook, note that I say there are a "number of unethical types" who have caused us to be ultra careful.  If there be but a handful of such, then these 5 are too many.

Nevertheless we do not class ALL residents of the U.S.A. with these few and we apologise if some Americans have found a wrong impression somewhere. Indeed we are in constant communication with a large number in the States - excellent people whom we count as honest, trustworthy, caring friends - some of whom I am more than happy to tutor in Metaphysics and some who have visited my wife and me in the U.K. for a convivial meal and discussion.

On comparing a few British Keltic pagan forums (which can host some very inhospitable pennau pigyn [dick heads]) with the U.S. online pagan platforms, the Americans are damned nice, friendly & genuine human beings!  Bless 'em all.......

BTW - Only the leaders of Y Plant Bran have been entrusted with all our texts to date.

Copyright ©  Gareth Pengwerin

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