A Rebuke of Time Wasters
and Collectors of Oddments

Having been swamped by inconsequential questions yet  again about other systems - whether or not we are linked to the 1734 groups in U.S., if the head of Bran was the Baphomet of the Templars and if I knew anything about Pickingill or the Cornish craft, why I do not mention Robert Cochrane on this site and questions generated by every flight of ideas under the sun, I was forced to write the following to reinforce the caveat on my intro. page.

And no, I have no idea if there are any Tylwyth Teg covens on the moon but I do believe that Jesus and his disciples formed an all male homosexual coven!  And before one shouts."Blasphemy!" remember that one has the entitlement to one's beliefs under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Articles 18 and 19.

Ah, dear inquirer, I see we are getting to the root of things - you are a wine taster and swallower of canapés who flees at the sight of a good sound nourishing meal!  Nevertheless you are in what I would call fashionable (but not necessarily good) company.

No one in current times condemns this unsavoury mishmash, stew, hodgepodge, tangle, muddle, pastiche, jumble or pick-'n'-mix of systems, as the favoured, blanket and questionable term is 'eclectic'!  ["Does that expression not fall well on the ear, dear?" says the ultra-modern naked Wiccan while sipping her South African sherry and flicking off the flies with her scourge.]

View here a list of maxims in which strong advice is given by nations worldwide and this long-held collective view evolved by the whole gamut of civilization cannot be wrong.

I may not like to see a biopsy taken from each of the multitude of religions, sects or cults but if that enables the doer to achieve some satisfaction in a colourful hobby or mild interest, then I suppose little harm is done.  But I do strongly condemn anyone who attempts to cause these biopsies to agglutinate into some monster au genre de Frankenstein.  This is exactly what the comparative mythologists executed in their pseudo science, leaving a few of us to correct the accepted errors which I have already ventilated and rectified in the Taxonomy. 

Furthermore this is the same ill-advised tactic utilized by those such as Sanders who tried to deposit extracts of medieval witchcraft, Kabbalah, Egyptology, Classical myth, spiritism, Elizabethan sorcery, Bardonian Tutonic magic, the flair of Crowley coupled with the sado-masochism, nudity & priapic urges of Dirty Old Gerry all in the same bed and were perplexed by the discernment of many who were bewildered at the sight of the hideous child born of this whoredom.

And if Y Plant Dôn is potentially threatened in this wise, my wrath marches with that of the late Ruth Wynn Owen at al..  It is time to realise fully that the few hereditaries & traditionalists surviving are not of the Wiccan psyche.  We do not treat Keltic religion as a pastime or conversation piece nor distribute snippets for the revitalization of jaded palates.
Luckily my entire website is copyright and may be used only pour encourager des autre in the realm of creativity but not for plunder by those lacking in honour - the eclectics who are simply serial thieves!
I advise, then, that perhaps you found Y Plant Dôn at the terminal phase of its existence and, if so, I shall again paraphrase Galadriel and say "We shall diminish and go into the West but remain self-sufficient Kelticism.

I wish you well.