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The Forgotten Mother


 1. O, Lady Earth, what ails thee so 
     As feeble grows thy breath?
     Thy forest kindred, rank on rank,
      Untimely fell in death.

 3. O, Lady Earth, what ails thee so,
     Abrim with tears thine eye?
     The souls of those who ranged the seas
     For vengeance to me cry.

 5. O, Lady Earth, what ails thee so, 
     Thy peace in disarray?
     The crimes against each cattle-beast
     Torment me night and day. 

 7. O, Lady Earth, what ails thee so, 
     Alone in anguish dread? 
     The innocents of human kind 
     In millions perishèd.

 9. O, Lady Earth, what ails thee so; 
     What ills disturb thy rest?
     Once sweet, the rivers' bitter flood
     Contaminates my breast.

11. O, Lady Earth, what ails thee so, 
      Lone on thy bed of pain? 
      My countenance, O child of time,
      Is gnawed by searing rain.

13. O, Lady Earth, what ails thee so, 
      By fever sorely spent?
      My cloak of coolest gossamer
      Is threadbare, pierced and rent.

15. O, Lady Earth, what ails thee so;
      May I no comfort lend? 
      Victim am I of constant rape
      I fear will never end. 

17. O, Lady Earth, what ails thee so, 
      Full racked in misery?
      I cry my tears in silence, child, 
      For those who cannot see.

19. O, Lady Earth, what ails thee so,
      Thine eyes in terror wide? 
       I see on yon horizon far
       A certain matricide.

21. Hast thou no word of comfort then,
      O child of diligence?
      Many their Mother's plight have seen
      And rallied in defence.

  2. Who penned the woeful requiem
       For these proud ageless souls? 
       Ah, who indeed but fools of men
       With gross rapacious goals.

  4. Why rest they not in slumber deep,
      Anon from trials freed?
      The bloodied hand of man, my child,
      Their suffering decreed.

  6. What deed lies yet unpunishèd?
       Reveal the heinous sin.
       Against mine everlasting law,
       Were made consume their kin.

  8. Pray what evokes such horror in
      Thy wond'rous orb of life?
       Hunger, thirst and pestilence
       Hatred, war and strife

10. Whence issued such defilement forth
       To stain thy fairest part?
       From out the working-place of men
       It pours into my heart.

12. Whence the torrents' savage scourge
       Afflicting thy sweet face?
       From poison i' the smoke of fires
       Lit by the human race. 

14. What sullied the apparel frail
       That wraps thee closely round?
       The cruel fingers of mankind
        Its weaknesses have found.

16. Swift, the malefactor name;
      Who wrought this baneful deed?
       The human race (from mine own womb)
       To satisfy its greed.

18. Whose eye sees not thy suffering,
       Heart touched not by thy plight?
       Six thousand patriarchal years
       Have robbed men of their sight.

20. What hand would dare assail thee thus
       Or traitor strike thee down?
       Mad kings by science deep enthralled
       Who don a godlike crown.

22.  Which of my faithful children
        As champions rise for me?
        Those who have renounced, as god,

 The Lesson?  Greed is NOT good!



vv  1 &  2 Deforestation

vv  3 &  4 Slaughter of whales, seals and dolphins

vv  5 &  6 Remains of infected sheep in cattle-feed resulting in BSE

vv  7 &  8 Man’s inhumanity, war and neglect of third world problems

vv  9 & 10 Industrial pollution of water

vv 11 & 12 Industry’s bequest of acid rain

vv 13 & 14 Erosion of the ozone layer

vv 15 & 16 Constant plunder of Earth’s resources

vv 17 & 18 The imbalance in all aspects of the human psyche caused by a disregard for the Feminine Principle in life (of which Earth is but one facet) and Christianity’s legacy of preoccupation with an afterlife to the detriment of our earthly habitat.

vv 19 & 20 The nuclear threat - industrially and militarily

vv 21 & 22 Diligent work by caring organisations such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth on overt levels, pagan-minded individuals and groups of theNew Age genre on inner-plane levels and all who regard the planet as an appreciating asset and a veritable living organism rather than an inexhaustible source of wealth and profit. 

 Copyright © Gareth Pengwerin 1996
   All rights reserved